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picture of David Bell playing one of his bass guitars
(photograph © Dietmar Lipkovitch)
picture of David Bell performing at his first solo gig
(photograph © Tanja Peball)

Biography  [TOP]

David Bell: bass guitarist, producer, singer and songwriter, born in Swansea, South Wales, UK.

Studio and live work includes: Anna F, Joan Armatrading, Pete Brown ("Cream" lyricist), James Litherland ("Colloseum"), Davy Spillane, Donal Lunny (Sinead 0'Connor, Mark Knopfler), Clyde Stubblefield (James Brown), Terry Williams ("Dire Straits", "Man", Dave Edmunds, etc..), John Pugwash Weathers ("Gentle Giant", "Man"), Mickey Gibbins ("Badfinger"), Mickey Jones, Martin Ace, Phil Ryan ("Man"), Brian Breeze (Maggie Bell), Mickie Gee (Tom Jones, Shaking Stevens), Gary Pickford Hopkins (Rick Wakeman), Taff Williams (David Essex), Richard Cottle (Stevie Wonder), Simon Chamberlain, Graham Hopkins (Racing Cars), Morty (Racing Cars), Mike Deacon, Trevor Morais, Pete Gage and many others. (The names of many musicians and producers on one day gigs or sessions over the years have unfortunately been forgotten).

Studio and live work in Austria includes:
Bellvana, Rainhard Fendrich, Harold Faltermayer, Peter Muller, Andy Beit, Tony O'Malley, Gert Schuller, Alex Deutsch, Robby Musenbichler, Chuck Lemonds, Ripoff Raskolnikov, Günter Grasmuck, Opus, Ismael Barrios, Boris Bukovsky, Power Project, Alex Rehak, Wilfried, Hans Theesink, Nik P and Reflex, Teddy Kumple, Jan Pieter Martens, Mr Voice, Corry Gass, Gottfried David Gfrerer, Jörg Haberl, Piwi Media, Peter Moritz, Extraordinary, Sonnenwasser, Rupert Metnitzer, Andy Fabianek, Randy Sabine, Clyde Stubbelfield, Howard "Guitar" Luetdke, Brian Breeze, Terry Williams, John Sass, Peter Ratenegger, Anna.F, Otto Kechner, Ewald Pfleger.

Toured support for Dolly Parton in the UK, Ireland, and Europe.

Studio bassist for BBC and Welsh television.

Bass lecturer in Neath College Of Performing Arts (1990-1992).

Since 1992 David has been living and working in Austria doing studio and live work with top Austrian and International musicians. View a detailed chronological list of David's Austrian work history here.

David spent one year in AIM (American Institute of Music) 1992-1993.

Member of ISA (International Songwriting Association).

Bass player in the Rainhard Fendrich band from March 2002 to December 2004. 2004 included a European tour of all the major venues (Vienna Stadthalle, Munich Olympiahalle etc.) through Germany, Austria and Switzerland.

As Producer:

Check out the 'roots' page for an in depth history of David's early musical career!

Discography  [TOP]

the cover picture from David's first album Pay To Play Pay To Play (2001)
David's first album.
Listen to the tracks & buy the CD (CD Baby).
Also available to download from - Apple iTunes
the cover picture from David's album Song For George Song For George (2005)
David's second album featuring the hit song "Most of all", recorded by Anna F.
Listen to the tracks & buy the CD (CD Baby).
the cover picture from David's album Everyone's a Guru Everyone's a Guru (2018)
David's third studio album, available on all download platforms including
Walking down the street one day, I was looking around and I just thought "Everyone's a Guru!" That was it! The beginning of a new song and the as yet then unwritten and unrecorded album. The songs came to me quickly, and were also recorded soon afterwards.
For me some of the songs are spiritual, some are bluesy and some are love songs. Tributes to spirituality, to the blues, to love, and a humble tribute to the late, great JJ Cale are on the musical menu.
When you listen to the album you can decide for yourself.
I thank my friend Jörg Haberl for sitting behind the drumset on my little songs, and a big thank you to Gabriel Vana for sharing her beautiful voice by singing some lovely harmonies! A very big thank you to my son Paul who played slide guitar for me when he was in Austria, and ......... a huge thank you to my dear friend Peter Moritz for his wonderful mastering, the publishing of the songs and all the work he's done to get them out into the big wide world, and last but not least his immense patience in dealing with me!
I hope you have as much enjoyment listening to the album as I did making it.
I thank the spirits that passed through me giving me these little songs, and I'm happy and joyful that they are now available to listeners of music on this beautiful planet.
May all sentient beings live in peace and joy.
Thank you to God and the Universe.
Listen to the tracks & buy the CD (CD Baby).
Also available to download from - Apple iTunes . Amazon . TIDAL . Spotify . qobuz
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